The Task

Amazon’s child company Audible requested me to come up with a way to highlight one of their holiday deals leading up to Christmas. These festive animations focused on the Audible service while providing visual scenarios where reading a book can’t fit into the schedule.

the Challenges

The main challenge was keeping the phone UI clear to see. Due to the quick turnaround there wasn’t time to composite the UI on the phone. Therefore everything had to be shot in camera.

the solutions

Before capturing the animation, I had to rig the lights in certain ways to minimize reflection while also not overexposing or underexposing the scene. It took awhile to get the lights to the point where I liked, but definitely fixed the problem.


• Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

• Aspect Ratio: 1:1

• Duration: 5-15 seconds

• Campaign Period: December 2018