Bombay Sapphire


The task

Bombay Sapphire tasked me with the job to showcase how gin can be a better alternative to vodka. I showcased this idea with some traditional gin drinks like a Gin & Tonic, Red Snapper, and a Moscow Mule with gin.

the challenges

The biggest challenge was making the gin drinks look different from the vodka drinks since they are both clear liquors. After creating the videos there still wasn’t enough contrast.

The solution

In order to communicate that the drinks have changed, I used a 3D software to create the confetti, balloons, and fireworks at the end of the animations. This helped provide a celebratory mood to when the gin drinks were revealed as well as the Bombay Sapphire.

the task

I grabbed all of the paint brushes I could find to create this video for Bombay Sapphire’s #StirCreativity campaign. This project involved showcasing the product in a fun and minimalistic way.

The Challenges

The main challenge was the reflective logo on the bottle. The label was starting to look blown out in the animation and I needed a way to fix it.

The solution

I ended up creating a mask that brought down the highlights on the bottle’s label. This helped keep the label nice and clear for the viewer to see.


• Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

• Aspect Ratio: 1:1, 16:9, 4:5

• Duration: 5-15 seconds

• Campaign Period: June 2018 & May 2019