Callaway Golf


The Task

In collaboration with #CallawayCreate, I highlighted the Truvis Stars & Stripes Chrome Soft Golf Ball for Memorial Day in a fun energetic stop motion animation.

Creative Direction and Stop Motion: Evan Hilton

Music Production: Mason Hollis

The challenges

The main challenge in this video was how I was going to have the star patterned background presented. I was starting to cut out the stars in paper, but didn’t think it looked clean enough.

The Solution

I decided to create the star pattern in Adobe Illustrator. Once I created the star pattern, I composited it into the scene in After Effects and masked the golf ball.


• Duration: 5-15 seconds

• Platforms: Facebook & Instagram

• Aspect Ratios: 16:9 & 1:1

• Campaign Period: May 2018

the task

Team Europe or Team USA? Who do you think will win? Created in collaboration with the Ryder Cup to highlight the Stars and Stripes + Europe Chrome Soft Truvis golf balls.

Campaign Period: September 2018

The challenges

Having the golf balls levitate was a scenario I’ve never tried before. So I needed to figure out a way to have them jump in the air.

The solution

I decided to hot glue the fishing line to the balls and lifted them throughout the animation. I then went into Photoshop to remove the fishing lines.