The task

In collaboration with Ebay, Hasbro, and The Bumblebee movie I created this fun little animation promoting the Transformer’s toys and the new Bumblebee Movie. I was solely responsible for the stop motion animation, while the team at Jack Nimble produced the 2D animation graphic.


The challenges

Working with buttery popcorn can be pretty difficult because it can mark up the paper in butter. Also sourcing big popcorn buckets that could fit the toy while being visually attractive was non existent.

the solution

I was very careful when I animated with the popcorn and made sure no piece of popcorn was in the wrong spot. I ended up getting ugly buckets and spray painted them white. I then cut out red stripes and taped them on the bucket to create a visually appealing popcorn bucket.


Duration: 5 seconds

• Platforms: Facebook and Instagram

• Aspect Ratios: 1:1

Campaign Period: December 2018