The Task

I was hired to create a series of stop motion animations for the Honda Pilot Glamping Campaign. The goal was to convey all the uses that the Honda Pilot provides in glamping. RPA is responsible for the sound design.


the challenges

There were many challenges with shooting these videos. The weather was a big challenge because it likes to rain everyday in Florida. Also reducing the flickering in the videos due to the changing light with the clouds was also a challenge.

The Solution

It was a pretty simple fix. We would pick whether we would shoot in the sunlight or when the light was blocked by the clouds. We would have to commit to one of the two options to have the lighting the most consistent as possible.

Campaign Description:

A series of stop motion animations created for the Honda Pilot Glamping Campaign


• Duration: 5-30 seconds

• Platforms: Instagram, Vine, Facebook Youtube

• Aspect Ratio: 16:9

• Campaign Period: September 2015