The Task

Algenist tasked me with the objective to develop and create stop motion videos that will showcase the benefits of their new night serum. Teaser videos were also requested for the launch of the product.


The Challenges

The main challenge was fitting all the product information in the short 10-15 second animations. This was a matter of having proper scale with the text and product as well as having a timely animation.

At the time of this campaign (early 2017) I didn’t have the strongest skills in 2D animation, so that was a bit more challenging with the info-graphic videos.


The Solution

I quickly figured out how to do illustrated graphics in After Effects and used the software for the info-graphic videos. When shooting the animations I was sure to leave enough room to make sure that it could fit all of the product’s information.


•16:9 Video Format

•5-15 seconds

•Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

•Campaign Period: March 2017