Instagrammer : @cameronleeanderson

Every week I talk to a new photographer on Instagram about their favorite locations to photograph, camera gear, and best practices to have on Instagram.  This week is Cameron Anderson, a 18 year old photographer from Tacoma, Washington. His Instagram feed is comprised of photos of the Pacific North West.

Cameron Anderson, Shot by Tanner Seablom

Cameron Anderson, Shot by Tanner Seablom

What sparked your passion for photography?

My passion for photography started when my friend who was a photographer saw a photo I took and said "wow, that ain't bad" and that's how it started. I live with God in my life and he is leading me down my path.

What camera gear do you like to use when snapping photos?

I use a Nikon D7100 with a 50mm 1.8 lens and a 18-140 kit lens. I also use a Canon 5D MKIII with a 24-105 mm f/4 L lens.

What is the most favorite picture you have ever captured?

My favorite picture is of one of my favorite drives to Mt. Rainer. Even though it is a recent picture it really means a lot to me. (Image Below)

Mt. Rainer, Washington

Mt. Rainer, Washington

What do you enjoy about the Pacific North West?

I love the Pacific Northwest! The beauty here is incredible. I'm so blessed to live in a area where I can capture such beautiful images. The best thing is the people. Everyone here is so amazing and nice!

What is the most unusual location you have taken photos at?

I was shooting a engagement in the mountains and 2 goats came next to the couple and they started to fight each other. It was so strange because they wanted the goats to be in the pictures.

What advice would you give to an up and coming photographer?

Best advice to give to any photographers is just keep shooting and have fun. You always can have a bad image but as long as you're having fun taking pictures that is all that matters. Like I always say "photography is like teenage girls taking selfies. For every 100 bad photos there is 1 good one."

What advice would you give a beginning photographer on Instagram?

If you want to post more on Instagram you shouldn't be afraid of what people think about your artwork. If you like it, then post it. There's no reason to be scared of other people opinions.

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