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Magnus Torben Anderson Bagger

Magnus Torben Anderson Bagger

Every week I talk to a new photographer on Instagram.  They share their favorite locations, camera gear, and the best practices to have on Instagram. This week I got to chat with Magnus Bagger a 16 year old from Sorø, which is about 40 minutes from Copenhagen in Denmark. Below are some of his pictures.

What gave you the push to start photography?

I've always been a bit creative in my childhood. However, I couldn't draw a horse if my life depended on it, but I always thought that art was interesting. When I was 15 years old, I opened my eyes to the photography world. It happened through Instagram. I wanted to start on my photography 'career' for like 3-4 months, but I didn't know how. Therefore I collected a lot of inspiration from talented photographers on Instagram. I remember @meetjulian as a huge inspiration for me. It wasn't his style of editing, it was just that he produces such incredible photography. I started out with my iPhone, and I didn't really have any idea what I was doing. I didn't even know that I should have the horizon line straight when i was shooting sunsets. I was just really terrible at photography. However, I kept on shooting and editing, and what made me better was all the amazing Instagrammers who inspired me to keep going, because I wanted to get better, to be as good as them. So I will say that people such as @meetjulian @bruhzilla and @litttlelily @s1000 and @jeissonmartin gave me the push to start and keep on going because of their amazing photography. (Below are photos from photographers that inspire him.)


Your Instagram feed is comprised of many forest pictures, what about the woods draws you in?

I love the woods. For me it's all about the nature. The way everything is so quiet. When I'm out there i feel like I have it all for myself. That may be because I'm the only one there, but I feel like I can play around with everything out there, there are no limits. I think you can create amazing scenes in the woods. I really try to make use of all the trees when I'm out there.  They make such a good frame for roads, sunlight, and shadows. Which is also what you will see in my gallery.

What camera gear do you use in your photos? 

I have my iPhone 5 and my hand. Nothing but that. I love that I have my camera everywhere i go. That's what I love the most about Instagram, the beauty of phone photography. I have no plans of using a DSLR at the moment, but when i have enough money, i would love to buy the Fujifilm x100T. I edit all my shots in Snapseed and VSCOcam. 

A question I like to ask everyone, what are some tips you can give to the photographers on Instagram trying to expose their work?

Remember that followers and likes don't tell anything about your photography. Don't care about that follower count in your feed or the likes. I know a lot of amazing photographers who don't have thousands of followers.  Go and follow many talented photographers, that you like. The more you see what you like, the more inspiration you will get. Always remember, if it's not fun doing, maybe it's not for you. You need to have a natural love for photography, because you will have to look at it everyday, if you want to be really good. 

You will need hashtags that are relevant for your photography. That is the only way for people to see your photography. You will need talent. And I assure you, if your photography is good and you have talent, then at some point, people will start noticing you. Try to get featured in feature accounts such as @visualsoflife @visualsgang and @thepeoplescreatives. Make use of your local community, if you live in a big city for example. Hit them up on Instagram and try to arrange some Instawalks. Explore a lot on Instagram, make friends and connections. Collaborations is also a very good way to get your photography out.

The most important thing with this Instagram photography is fun. The followers and likes are, for me, only motivation. It shouldn't be anything else than that. 

To see more of Magnus's work go here