Instagrammer: @nathantecson

Every week I talk to a new photographer on Instagram.  They share their favorite locations, camera gear, and the best practices to have on Instagram. This week is Nathan Tecson a Apple technician/part-time freelance photographer located in Los Angeles, CA.

What inspired you to start photography?  Are there any specific photographers on Instagram that inspire you? 

Some may say it was an odd place to start, but my interest was sparked from album cover artwork of musicians and bands. Years ago, I remember seeing the albums of bands I followed on MySpace and wanting to recreate fine art or portrait imagery inspired by their album artwork. I think it was a peculiar combination of curiosity and boredom. Since then, I’ve transitioned from abstract/fine art to more lifestyle imagery since it affords me the opportunity to travel a lot more, which I love doing so, so much.

Inspiration: @erubes1, @justinhalbert, @bryanadamc, @kdkuiper, @matthewhahnel, @roundtheworldgirl.

What is the most challenging aspect of photography to you?

The kind of photo I love most, whether my own or someone else’s, is the photo that makes me feel something when I look at it. So far, the thing I’m finding most challenging and also most rewarding about photography is figuring out how to make a person feel what I felt when I took the image. That’s something I’m still growing in with regard to my technical knowledge of cameras, lenses, and light, as well as learning to see things with emotion using my eyes, my heart, and my mind together. I’m also trying to figure out how to avoid over-thinking things, so maybe that’ll fix all my other challenges. 

   What is your most favorite picture you have ever taken? Why? 

This is probably the most difficult questions I’ve ever had to answer, but if I must, I’d say this image:

The image itself is nothing I find particularly astounding, but the moment I took this image, I felt so much contentedness and fulfillment in capturing someone doing what they genuinely love with no pressure from anyone, which is exactly what I was doing while taking this photo. I felt a fulfillment of my passion and a really refreshing kind of simplicity about the world that made the really complicated parts of my life dissolve into effortless ease almost instantly.

You have a very bright and glowing aspect to your feed. Why are you attracted to that type of editing style/photography?

Most people know me as a really joyful person. I think that aspect of my personality inevitably bleeds into my work and art. Additionally, that’s the kind of art and imagery that I’m genuinely attracted to as well.

What about the California area inspires you to capture photos?

Apart from the interestingness of the physical landscape, California has a way of always having something happening, which makes my imagination extremely happy. Since there’s always something happening or something to explore, I always have an opportunity to take photos in ways that I’m already familiar with, as well as try new and different techniques.

 What camera gear do you often shoot with?

Canon 6D (occasionally with DiCAPac waterproof case) & iPhone 6s with Optrix waterproof case.

What advice would you give to the starting photographer?

Surround yourself with the people you want to be like. I’ve been fortunate enough to be in a community of photographers and artists who challenge me to excel in my photography as well as encourage me to improve where I’m not as skilled. Deciding who you let influence you is so important.

 Lastly what advice would you give to the beginning photographer on Instagram trying to expose their work?

Be consistent in two ways: Be consistent in the kind of content you post, and be consistent in posting often. Maybe pick a theme/style and stick with it until you get good at that kind of content. I think it’s really important to show a distinct level of intentionality in your work.

To see more of Nathan's work on Instagram go here or visit his website at!