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Every week I talk to a new photographer on Instagram.  They share their favorite locations, camera gear, and the best practices to have on Instagram.  This week is Jorge Luna, a 24 year old located in Houston, Texas.

Jorge Luna

Jorge Luna

What inspired you to start photography? Are there any specific people on Instagram that inspired you? 

I actually got into photography because I bought a dslr for one of my college courses. I didn't really get into photography until I joined Instagram. And most of the people who inspire me are other local Houston photographers. @jaybun3030@dhin3z@blair.truesdell@jonah_gonzales@_leosa, and @thedreamerwill

What camera equipment do you typically use? 

I shoot with a Canon 6D and an iPhone 6. I usually edit my dslr photos with lightroom, and when I shoot with my iPhone i use VSCO cam to edit my photos. 

What do you love about taking photographs in Houston?

The thing I love about shooting in Houston is that there are plenty of things to shoot, you can go to downtown and just walk around for hours. But you don't have to just shoot the city, we have several nice parks you can go to, to get some landscape shots. It's all about exploring and trying to find something new in your city. 

Many of your photos involve architecture. What do you love about photographing architecture?

I love architecture, it is probably one of my favorite things to shoot. What I love about shooting architecture is that I find unique perspectives to show people.

Here is a hard question, what is the most favorite photo you have ever taken? 

Ahhhhh this is a hard one! But I would have to say my first Zoomscape shot is my favorite shot. This was the first shot where I was experimenting with my camera and I ended up with this photo. I enjoy this photo because plenty of people have taken a photo of the Houston skyline, but I had never seen it done like this. (Photo below)

Taken by Jorge Luna

Taken by Jorge Luna

What is your favorite location you have been too?

My favorite place that I have visited has to be San Francisco. It is such a beautiful city and so many things to shoot out there. I will definitely be going back. 

What advice would you give to the starting photographer?

My advice to the starting photographer is to not be afraid to experiment. If you enjoy your photos, don't worry about what other people think, because there will be people out there that enjoy your work. 

Lastly what advice would you give to the beginning photographer on Instagram trying to expose their work?

Instagram is a great platform to share your photos and a great way to meet new people. One thing I would suggest, is to go to local instameets in your city! Instameets are a great way of meeting other creative people and learning something from them. Another helpful way to get your photos noticed is by using hashtags. But most importantly just have fun! Post photos you love, don't take instagram to serious. 

To see more of Jorge Luna's work go to his website or Instagram page.