Instagrammer- @sam_hdsn

Every week I talk to a new photographer on Instagram.  They share their favorite locations, camera gear, and the best practices to have on Instagram.  This week is Sam Hudson.

Where are you from? Age? 

I'm from a small town called Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, England, and I've lived here all my life. I've recently turned 20, and I'm at the University of Durham studying Modern Languages. 

What sparked your passion for photography?

 I don't think I can pinpoint a moment when I decided I was really into photography. My brother studied it at school and it's now part of his job, and one day he told me to download Instagram to my iPhone. I wanted to take photos of landscapes, where as my friends from school would just use it to take pictures of nights out. When I hit 1000 followers I realised that this was something I really enjoyed doing, and it became more than just something to do in my spare time.

What camera gear do you like to use when snapping photos?  

I just use my iPhone to take photos, in fact I'm sure if you gave me a DSLR camera I wouldn't know too well how it worked. Since I started on Instagram I've had the iPhone 4, 5 and 6. 

What is the most favorite picture you have ever captured? 

This is my favourite picture. I captured it this past summer on a rare foggy morning. I'm not sure if the picture truly captures the speed of the cows: they were running towards me at quite a pace! I managed to snap this just before I turned round and legged it back over the fence. Those cows were not happy! Anything for the 'gram though right? (Picture Below)

What do you enjoy about the UK?

The thing I enjoy most about the UK is the difference between one day and the next. I can go out one evening and catch a beautiful clear sky and a nice sunset, then the next morning only 12 hours later it will be foggy or raining! It means I don't have much continuity in my feed but I like that: each time I visit a place I get different shots because the conditions are so much different.

What is the most unusual location you have taken photos at?

Hmmm tricky one. Perhaps the time me and my brother explored a derelict house just up the road from me. All the windows were smashed and there were walls falling in, but the light fell beautifully into each room. What was unnerving was that people had obviously been living in there as squatters, and there was graffiti all over the walls saying things like this is where she died'. I'm not sure if it was a prank, but damn was it freaky. Got some good shots though.

What advice would you give to an up and coming photographer?

I would probably say you've got to love what you're doing, because that's your motivation! I love exploring new places, or being up at sunrise whilst everyone else is still in bed. There's a real sense of being one with nature for me when you're in the midst of it, taking photos. Find what you love then you'll love taking photos of it!

What advice would you give the beginning photographer on Instagram? 

On Instagram... Hmm I would say you've got to be yourself, don't try to copy or replicate someone else just because they're successful with their style. Also, I've found the most rewarding part of Instagram is connecting with others. I love commenting on other people's photos, and I've found because of that I have many more people commenting on mine. Instagram is a two way thing, whatever you give to the community you will receive back yourself.

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