Instagrammer: @b_jespy

Every week I talk to a new photographer on Instagram.  They share their favorite locations, camera gear, and the best practices to have on Instagram.  This week is Ben Jespersen , a 17 year old high schooler located in Olympus, Washington.

Photo credit: @cjespersen

Photo credit: @cjespersen

What inspired you too start photography? Are there any specific people on Instagram that inspired you? 

The big instagrammer who inspired me was my brother @cjespersen he is the soul reason I got into photography he is an amazing artist and I'm inspired by him.

What camera equipment do you typically use? 

I used a Canon 7d for a while, then I moved on to the Sony a7 full frame mirroless camera. I've gotta stay with the time and get the latest and greatest.  I have a Samsung Galaxy s5, but I wish I had an iPhone. I use Vsco, Faded, and Snap Seed and also Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Light Room.

What is your favorite time of the day to photograph?

I photograph whenever I want, and I'll make a bad lighting situation good. You just have to use what's given to you. Ideally cloudy weather and around 3:00-4:00 P.M.

Many of your photos are also involving nature. What do you love about photographing nature?

I love photographing nature and capturing God's beauty, but I'm starting to move into portraits, drawings, and more creative things.

Here is a hard question, what is the most favorite photo you have ever taken?

My favorite photo is this one. I haven't posted it yet, I'm just waiting for the perfect time.


What advice would you give to the starting photographer on trying to take the best photos possible?

Advice is that you don't need a good camera to take good photos. Just get an iPhone and use your creativity and be really active In the community!

Lastly what advice would you give to the beginning photographer on Instagram trying to expose their work? 

If you're trying to expose your work, then use hashtags to get featured. Take great photos and get a website to get noticed!

Too see more of Ben's work, go here